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N. Harris Computer Corporation (“Harris”), a wholly-owned division of publicly traded Constellation Software, has announced the acquisition of Vistara Capital Partners Fund I portfolio company Syscon Justice Systems Ltd. (“Syscon”). Based in Richmond, British Columbia, Syscon is a provider of Offender Management Systems (OMS) to various county, state, and national governments throughout the world.

Jean (John) Soucy, President of Harris’ Public Sector Group, commented, “The acquisition of Syscon expands our capability to serve correctional institutions across North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring forth such comprehensive OMS applications, thanks to Syscon’s global team of specialists.”

The acquisition of Syscon by Constellation’s Harris provides a successful exit for both Vistara Capital Partners and San Francisco-based Sverica Capital Management LLC (“Sverica”), which acquired a controlling stake in Syscon during 2010. Vistara’s investment in 2016 provided a highly flexible, non-dilutive growth debt solution to Syscon’s private equity owners to help enable further growth in what was a later stage holding in their fund.

For further details, please visit investment bank SEG’s transaction overview.

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