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In sharp contrast to the boom of prior years, 2022 brought gloomier headlines for technology markets of higher interest rates and lower valuation multiples. Despite the headlines, most technology companies have quickly adapted and continue to thrive; they also grow at far greater rates than other industries, as proven technology products play an increasingly important role in our day-to-day lives and occupy a greater share of both personal and corporate budgets.

Vistara is a long-term investor in both growth debt and growth equity, and we believe in the enduring value of mid-later-stage technology companies. As such, we never slowed our investing activities during peak pandemic-related fear in 2020 and similarly remained active in 2022 during this latest flavor of negative headlines.

We’ve entered this new year optimistic and look forward to another year of enabling the expansion of our portfolio companies and welcoming new ambitious technology leaders to the Vistara family.

Noteworthy Exits & Investment Activity

2022 was another year of growth, with strong deployment from our recently closed Fund IV, and expansion of our team to support the larger roster of portfolio companies in their ambitions. Below are some of our noteworthy investments and exits. We encourage you to dive in to learn more.

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