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In April, we announced that we’re supporting Austin-based Vyopta with US$8 million in growth funding. Read on to learn more about why we invested and why we’re confident in Vyopta’s continued expansion. 

The Market Need: Scaling and Managing Collaboration Has Never Been More Critical

Vyopta optimizes performance and visibility across technology, workspaces, and people as they collaborate. Their platform aggregates data from multiple data sources and disparate unified communication vendors, such as Microsoft, Zoom, Cisco, and Google among others, into a centralized view that allows companies to proactively identify any systematic issues and reduce troubleshooting time to resolve any disruptions.

Vyopta was experiencing steady growth prior to the pandemic: companies were already entrenched in an era of digital transformation, adopting enterprise communication and collaboration technologies to stay competitive and help manage increasingly global customers, partners, and workforces. But this trend dramatically accelerated the adoption of cloud-based enterprise communication and collaboration technologies as the spread of COVID-19 halted travel and companies scrambled to enable office workers to work remotely.

As a result, the demand for collaboration technologies skyrocketed across businesses and industries, including those such as healthcare and education, as organizations looked to stay connected and productive despite being remote.

Pandemic Accelerated Growth, But Remote Environments are Here to Stay

As companies start to explore what a return to the office looks like, there are indications that many will continue to support flexible and remote work environments over the long-term. As a result, organizations must now be equipped to manage highly complex environments that are comprised of multi-vendor technologies, numerous device types, and disparate network environments.

Many enterprises face the challenge of finding an efficient monitoring solution for their increasing complex unified communications (UC) environment. For example, many equipment manufacturers offer limited monitoring specific only to their own applications, while third party monitoring tools fail to offer real-time troubleshooting capabilities or detailed reporting.  Vyopta’s “single-pane-of-glass” approach to collaboration performance monitoring enables IT teams to easily monitor and actively manage their entire UC stack from one place.

We evaluated Vyopta in the context of these overall trends and specific customer pain points, and believe that the company is uniquely positioned to provide organizations with the much- needed visibility and monitoring capabilities to efficiently manage their multifaceted on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments that will continue to persist.

Validation from Customers and Strategic Partners

The value of Vyopta’s technology has been validated by hundreds of organizations globally that rely on Vyopta for comprehensive monitoring and analytics of key connections among their teams, customers, and strategic partners. Additionally, our conversations with customers confirmed how the platform helps proactively identify risks, detects problematic meetings and calls in real time, and enables a better understanding of overall UC utilization and ROI on technology investments.

While some vendors and equipment manufacturers include monitoring capabilities as part of their offerings, customers recognize that these tools are only so powerful and are unequipped to provide a much needed 360° view across collaboration environments. Therefore, enterprises turn to Vyopta given the company’s unique ability to unify data from multiple collaboration technologies into one, accurate set of actionable data. As a result, companies can more efficiently monitor and manage their growing number of applications, ultimately improving their overall end-user experience.

Vyopta’s Impressive Leadership Team

It has been a pleasure getting to know Founder-CEO Alfredo Ramirez and the rest of the company’s management team. It is clear there is deep technical knowledge and a passion for solving the evolving collaboration challenges faced by enterprise IT teams. The team’s expertise in collaboration environments was recently exemplified as Vyopta rapidly developed additional coverage of UC video, voice, and messaging applications that were quickly adopted by companies to support remote work during the current pandemic. For example, Vyopta was the first UC monitoring and analytics provider to support Google Meet and was also among the first to offer monitoring and analytics for Microsoft Teams.

How Vistara Helped: Reliable Growth Financing that Maximizes Flexibility

With our US$8M growth financing, Vyopta will be able to accelerate their product roadmap to satisfy increasingly complex customer requirements and meet growing overall market demand. We collaborated with the company to create a flexible financing solution that provides growth capital today, with optional access to additional amounts as Vyopta continues to scale. As a result, Vyopta can depend on reliable access to additional capital as needed, without incurring costs if that capital is ultimately not deployed.

We are delighted to partner with Vyopta as a leading innovator of monitoring and analytics for collaboration and communication technologies as they continue to help organizations better connect, serve, and innovate.

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